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The Go2Galz are professional, creative, focused, and your GO 2.

I have had a series of personal challenges, including downsizing from a 7000 sq ft home to SV Ranch. After 5 years of trying and failing to arrange and organize my smaller space, including needing space for my son who is a builder and needs building space and my daughter who is a minimalist and needs Zen, I needed HELP. The Go2Galz rescued me and helped me arrange a small space to meet the needs of 3 people with completely different and conflicting needs while keeping flow and organization. On top of all of this, I decided to redo my outdoor space. After hiring the worlds worst contractor, who tore up my backyard, left my things strewn on my driveway, did not show up for a month and finally finished with sub standard work, I asked them if they could find another contractor to redo the work and project manage them. They found an amazing contractor who is still repairing the priors work and is now my go to for other projects.

Overall, I cannot say enough good about these ladies. Thank you for giving me my life and sanity back. ~ Susan Brennan
COO, Single Mom and Grateful Customer

The Go2Galz have made my space look and feel so much better! It is amazing how much they can accomplish in a short time. In just a few hours, they transformed my son’s room from a crowded junk heap into a cheerful, neat, organized space that he enjoys. I’m so glad I stopped trying to do everything myself. It was so much easier and faster to let Tania and Suzan help me. They are great listeners and really came up with solutions that fit us. I’m delighted with everything they’ve done. I encourage you to give yourself the gift of working with them! ~ Amy Lorenzen

Dear Go2Galz, you two are the most amazing people I have ever met. Your business has been so supportive of my business and a lot of my friends businesses. I am consistently recommending my clients to your organizing side of the business because I believe that you bring value, connection, and clarity to people in their homes while you are cleansing and organizing. I value your work in this world, the way that you are, and how much I can trust you with things in my personal and professional life. Thank you for the way you show up in the world; your kindness, your love, and your support. I highly recommend to the Go2Galz to everyone in my life. All my best. ~ Lisa Smith

Go2Galz are an amazing team. They go beyond just making the space organized and functional as they use their special talent and skills to move the energies and create a flow in the space that is most supportive for people they work with. Either organizing your home or hosting on event, they bring their touch of elegance, flow, efficiency, beautiful presentation, and welcoming to all their projects. It is a pleasure to have such gifted girls around either when hosting an event or organizing your space. Suzan and Tania you rock! ~ Adina Dijmarescu

Suzan and Tania generously donated their time and expertise for a Fresh Intuition luncheon (with proceeds being donated to a local charity) that I attended. Fortunate for me, I won their donation in a raffle! Not only did they come to my home to see and listen to my organizational needs, they gave excellent suggestions and we set a future date to work on my office/craft room. What a big job that was! There was probably 40 years worth of craft materials such as fabric, yarn and embroidery thread and kits; 20 years of genealogy binders, loose research papers, and old photos; treasures collected from around the world; office supplies, gift wrapping materials and four large surfaces in which to pile things sky high. After four diligent hours, Suzan and Tania sorted, organized, cleaned, trashed, and packed in bins and labeled them so wonderfully that when I saw the end result, I was overwhelmed with joy! Who knew that working on the room I tended to avoid looking at with these two wonderful women would be so much fun and fulfilling? Now I know what I want for Christmas: four more hours with Suzan and Tania! ~ Debbie Baker

The G2G Team of Tania and Suzan changed the way we manage our household! Instead of continuing to live with an evolution of clutter through home moves, new kids and major home renovations; they came in with a can do attitude and helped us dig deep into what really matters, that is, living and enjoying family and our home. They moved us beyond managed messes and clutter, and inspired us to maintain organization and controlled space. These two ladies are not afraid to get dirty and helped us get motivated to thin out excess piles of clutter and taught us to align our thoughts on living simply, they have tricks up their sleeves to organize the hidden messes and push through the obvious lazy hurdles – all while making the experience fun and stress relieving! Moving into the future, we see ourselves inviting them back to checkup and add some finesse to our day to day living habits around the home as our family grows. ~ Francis and Lea Ann Cheung

We worked with the go2galz after our relocation to California. The task of settling into and organizing our new home seemed just monumental. Tania and Suzan were Angels of Organization that helped us make things manageable and even pleasurable.

We were very impressed with how G2G work – they are engaged, passionate about their work, and resourceful. Tania and Suzan put their hearts into their work. They bring positive energy and efficiency to their client engagements.

Suzan and Tania helped us organize and declutter several rooms in our new home, came in with useful suggestions and resources and introduced new systems of organizing our home office.

We would highly recommend them for anyone looking to simplify and organize their home or office. ~ Yulia Sheynkman

I learned the difference between good packers and good organizers, the go2galz.

It was a year since we moved back into our home after an interior remodel. I had items from the remodel at my parents home tucked away in so many places the thought of pulling it all out, going through it and putting it away somehow, was overwhelming.

The go2galz walked the project with me, I had decided to go big. We discussed areas and items as we moved through the garage (where we lived during our remodel), sewing room, bedrooms, linen & broom closets and pantry & sideboard storage. During our conversation I had also thought about some items from my parents that were stored elsewhere. Wow, could I actually even include those items? The go2galz listened and asked questions as I discussed the items and areas.

When they presented their game plan I was amazed at their suggestions and how well they listened. I had not really realized the shift I was wanting/needing to make in my home. How the old and new way of life required letting go of what used to work and required bringing forward what I need for today’s lifestyle.

The go2galz led me thoughtfully through each and every area inquiring what/how I see the use of it all the way through. The go2galz sorted, I decided what to keep and donate, then bins with labels appeared in the areas. Those sentimental items found homes in places, now I can truly enjoy them. It was magical.

The go2galz made what was an overwhelming job one of ease. Thank you both! ~ Denise Jordan

Tania & Suzan are amazing women. They are that magical blend of organization expert, handy(wo)man, with loving heart. Last month I was moving and I hired them to help me to organize my house. They came for just a few hours and they transformed my overstuffed closet and packed all my stuff. I was so stressed about moving, their vision and hard work helped make it stress free. I loved their work.

Also I had a fabulous experience working with them to host my events. They took the original order, were extremely helpful, making sure all of my needs were met, and were very attentive to the details. They did the delivery and setup, were exactly on time, completely knowledgeable, and created a beautiful display. The food and the presentation were absolutely perfect!
I am highly recommend The go2galz. ~ Rebecca Wang

g2g you are amazing! What I love about working with you on all these organizing projects, is your help in making decisions. This keeps us moving at a fast pace, to get the job done in a timely manner. Your experience with the decluttering process and vision for the end result, leaves me satisfied on so many levels. Thank you so much, for all of the organizing you have done in my clients home as well as my own, it’s been amazing working with you! ~ Aelita Leto


I always feel excited when I see that the Go2Galz are going to be involved in any of the events I attend. I have been so lucky to attend at least 5 events that have been sprinkled with the G2G magic. Whether it is a warm radiant welcome to the Women’s Book Luncheon, or a Swap till you Drop Party, or an open house event at a local shop (Tribe in Saratoga, for example), these dynamic ladies are always the ones that make everything run smoother. I have heard some incredible reviews of their organizing skills that sound amazing and something I am hoping to get a chance to try out this year. Anyone who is fortunate to hire them is always astonished at their breadth of skills and applications. ~ Therese Walsh-Van Keuren

I have been to several events that the go2galz have produced and all I can say is hooray!  I am so happy to have found this group of women led by Suzan and Tania. From intuitive painting, to hiking to jewelry making to giving back to the community – they have created events that bring a community of like minded women together.  The most important thing these events do is provide joy, love and laughter! I look forward to many, many more! ~ Kim Selby

I thoroughly enjoyed the Sacred Circle of Women hosted by the go2galz and Lisa Watts Smith. They provided everything; yoga mats, beautiful journals, booklet with inspirational poems and reminders of the day as well as a delicious lunch. Most of all, they provided a comfortable, friendly atmosphere for us to be inspired. I loved it all and look forward to many more events with these wonderful women in the future! ~ Marcia Sivek

Suzan and Tania make an amazing team. They bring not only their excellent taste and keen attention to every detail going into planning their events, but also bring their big hearts to making their events intimate, inclusive and imaginative. I am proud of them for all the hard work they have put into creating go2galz and creating these nourishing spaces for women to connect. ~ Sonya Kleshik

Attending any go2galz event is a welcoming, energizing, and rewarding experience. Suzan and Tania are gracious and inclusive hostesses who provide women the opportunity let their hair down while enjoying a wide variety of enriching activities with a varied group of ladies that feel like old friends. Dancing, hiking, crafting, there is something for everyone to enjoy! ~ Jody

I have attended several of the go2galz events and have loved each one! Tania and Suzan have such a beautiful esthetic and attention to detail. They attract such wonderful open women. Thank you galz for bringing such beauty to all you do!
~ Denise Imms

The go2galz not only organize great activities in the Bay Area, anything from art activities to theater performances, they also create a warm, friendly, and welcoming environment! They are not only thoughtful, they are also well organized and make sure everyone is well taken care of and having a good time. Bravo!
~ Melanie Gill

You ladies saved the day. It was beautifully presented, tasted great, easy to access and eat. Exactly what I wanted and needed!!!! And with ‘zero’ notice. You ROCK!
So happy and pleased with how the evening went.
~ Tamara Archer

The go2galz, Suzan Walker and Tania Pearce are My go2galz — Again and again and again!

I can’t say enough about working with Suzan and Tania. As a life and leadership coach and the Organizer of a very popular Bay Area meetup, I met Suzan and Tania through the Meetup several years ago. They have a passion for creating connections with women and in January of 2016, the go2galz became the “Social Wings” as I call them, for the Women’s Circle. They create beautiful, fun, inspiring activities to complement the monthly regular meetups. I spotted immediately their attention to detail, their impeccable organizational skills, their personal aesthetic and their boundless energy and enthusiasm for assisting. Quickly, they became my wings for my larger events and to date, I’ve hired them for five or six different jobs over the last two years. They make an incredible team, a seamless partnership that adds such value to each and every one of my event and gatherings! Now, so much so that I can’t imagine producing an event without them on the team! The go2galz are quite simply the ones to go to!
~ Mary Welty-Dapkus
Fresh Intuition Coaching and Consulting