Suzan Walker and Tania Pearce are the creators and founders of the go2galz organizing services, and the social wing of Mary Welty-Dapkus’ Fresh Intuition Women’s Circle Meet Up.

We decided to partner up and create social outings for women, which naturally turned into organizing services as we were asked to help our friends and acquaintances with their events. Through planning and set up for several of our friend’s parties, events, and homes, we discovered our shared love for organizing and our next endeavor was born.

Our creative interests are all over the board, and continue to grow! We love to organize, decorate, entertain, scrapbook, craft, travel, and spend time with friends while having fun!

Tania has a background in marketing, buying, and 10 years of residential organizing. Suzan has 25 years in the travel industry organizing travel plans for others.

Our passion is to help create order, beauty, and functionality for our clients so they can better enjoy life, whether that be with organizing a home, office, photos, or your next social gathering. We are here to help you pull it all together and add that special touch to make it memorable and meaningful.

We are a heart-based business helping others get in control of their space, time, and life. We are committed to honoring our client’s needs and privacy. We bring order to our client’s lives so they can live with clarity, joy, and ease.

We also host quarterly women’s outings in the Bay area to gather women together for good times, connection, creativity, and fun!

We look forward to helping you accomplish your organizing goals and celebrating life with you at one of our upcoming outings.