Suzan and Tania are the creators and founders of the “go2galz”, the social wing of
Mary Welty-Dapkus’ Fresh Intuition Women’s Circle Meet Up.

Through our group coaching sessions with Mary, we decided to partner up and create social outing’s for women. Both of us were born in Chicago, and share the same interests. Our passion is to create and connect women with different activities and events!

Suzan has 25 years in travel experience, along with 3 years in sales at a local charter bus company, and Tania has a background in marketing, buying and residential organizing.

Our creative interests are all over the board, and continue to grow! We love to entertain, cook, decorate, scrapbook, hand-make cards, organize, travel, and spend time with friends while having fun!

Go2Galz will allow us to expand on our talents and make lasting memories with women who are looking to connect while having FUN.